In 2008, The Week of Tastes held the following children's taste education events.

3 days at the Ascham School, September 2008

Week of Tastes “Discovering Taste” Workshops were presented at the Ascham School over a 3 day period.

Year 4 students took part in taste lessons; learning to discern - blindfolded - the difference between sweet, sour, salty and bitter. They learnt how all five senses affect both their taste and appreciation of food.

A baker, Michael Klausen from Brasserie Bread, a butcher and fishmonger took part. Each brought different products to taste. Teaching the food’s origin as well as the various processes used in creating it encouraged in the children both curiosity and a positive attitude towards the tasting of new foods.

Fresh picks … Ascham students get to work


Ascham's junior school head, Carolyn Williams, is delighted and considers the Week of Tastes a perfect extension of what the girls are already learning.

"I feel very strongly that children today don't get their hands dirty - they don't understand where things come from," she says. "This helps children see what growing food and experiencing real food and real taste is about."

Photo and excerpt from Adamson J “Crop of the Class”, SMH, 16 September 2008

Good Food Affare, November 2008

The Week of Tastes presented a fun "Discovering Tastes" program for children throughout the three days of the Good Food Affare. Aimed at primary school children, the 45 minute sessions taught the children to differentiate sweet, sour, salty, hot and bitter. They were encouraged to recognize how sight, sound and smell affects their appreciation of food.


The lessons were presented by Helen Campbell, responsible for bringing the program to Australia, along with guest presenters, award winning baker Michael Klausen of Brasserie Bread, Sandra Goodwin from Heavensent Desserts and internationally renowned chef Tom Kime.

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